Saturday, June 25, 2016

Oh Baby!

You have a new baby in the house and there’s no better time to make fire safety a top priority. Kids under the age of five are at twice the risk of dying in a residential fire than those in other age groups, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Click on the graphic below to find a check list to help get you started:

graphic showing mom holding baby in smoke

Friday, June 24, 2016

Installation Begins On New Fire Station Alerting System

By: Battalion Chief Stacey Daniel

January of 2016 MCFRS began installation of a new fire station alerting system.
The new alerting system will be a modern heart healthy system with many advanced features allowing station personnel to be alerted in a variety of ways all while meeting NFPA and OSHA/MOSH standards. The system will include multi-zoned audio and visual alerts as well as automated voice technology. The system will have many new features that will enhance the alerting experience getting our firefighters on the street faster.

This system is being installed in all 38 existing county fire stations, 5 federal stations and all future stations.

The system is manufactured by PURVIS Systems Inc. PURVIS is based out of Rhode Island who have installed fire station alerting systems in New York City, Boston, Plano, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina to name a few.

The new system will offer new features such as:
Display monitors throughout the station to provide fire fighters dispatch information
Colored light towers to provide a visual cue as to which units are being dispatched
Red night vision lighting for bunk rooms to allow firefighters to gradually adjust to the light               after waking up to an alarm
Red strobe lights in noise heavy areas to provide a visual cue of an alert
Ramped up audio alarms to provide heart healthy NFPA recommended alarms
Multiple speaker feeds allowing fire fighters to maintain situational awareness
A camera doorbell to allow ECC tom communicate and see a citizen at the front door in the                 event the fire station is empty

The new fire station alerting project is a CIP project under the Public Safety Systems Modernization Project. The FSA project is a full infrastructure and hardware replacement allowing us to decommission the aging system we have today. The FSA project has a 5.3 million dollar budget, currently we are under budget and on schedule. The new FSA will tie directly to the new Motorola Premier 1 CAD system which is currently being implemented to replace our existing CAD.

On June 1 we performed the first of many acceptance tests. This acceptance test included the software configuration testing and a demonstration of the hardware at Fire Stations 31 and 8 both of which are the Architectural Proof of Concept stations. Fire Chief Scott Goldstein, Chief Alan Hinde and Chief Steve Jones were given a demonstration of the system showing off the features that will benefit all field personnel, career and volunteer.

Click on the photo album below to learn more. Double click on each photo to see description.

photos showing new components

Seat Belts Save Lives

sign saying buckle up next million milesA 101 Days of Summer Safety message that never gets old - especially since our firefighters and paramedics still respond to vehicle crashes in which people are seriously injured, or worse, because they are not wearing their seat belts.

Seat Belts Save Lives. No brainer, right? Not to one in every seven drivers who still don't wear their seat belts. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), automotive accidents are the number one cause of death in the U.S. among people aged 5 to 34. Furthermore, the CDC says that drivers who buckle their seat belts cut their chances in half of being seriously injured or killed in a crash.

Buckle up, Montgomery! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the #mcfrsSOS as we will be posting tips on how to buckle up if you, or a loved one, are pregnant.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Gold And More Records Set

photo of Captain Penny Ingles and fellow competitor with medals
Captain Ingles (L) with two Gold medals
As you may have read on Monday, Captain Penny Ingles is competing in the United States Police and Fire Championships that are being held in San Diego, California. She had already won several medals and even set a record. You can learn more here: Captain Earns Gold Medals At The United States Police And Fire Championships

We are happy to report that Captain Ingles set two more records and earned two more Gold Medals.

Penny competed in Indoor Rowing and records were set in the Women's 40+ 2000m Individual and in the Women’s 40+ 1000m Doubles. Her partner for the 1000m Doubles was Georgiana Browning from Disneyland Fire.

Penny has completed all her events and will be returning home with Five Gold Medals, Two Silver Medals and Three Records set for her age group.

Well done and congratulations Captain Ingles! Safe travels home!

All About Derechos

The past several weeks have seen a good number of significant storms that have produced high winds along with associated damage. Today's forecast includes the potential for significant storms that may be severe and could bring damaging winds, hail and the possibility of flooding.
graphic showing family of downburst clusters
From NOAA vis

Usually when the potential for damaging winds are brought up, residents across the metro area think back to almost four years ago when the region was hit by the Ohio Valley/Mid-Atlantic Derecho. This storm brought widespread damage and disruption that took several days to recover from.

With all of the above in mind, we thought a good topic for today's 101 Days of Summer Safety would be to learn more about Derechos. Also timely as Derechos in the United States are most common in the late spring and summer (May through August), with more than 60% occurring May through July.

Since we are no experts in the field, we highly recommend that you go to the experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Go here to learn All About Derechos.

The safety tips and preparation are the same as for any significant weather event. Be prepared and be aware. Please take a moment to review some important related tips below.

It’s Hurricane And Summer Storm Season! Are You Ready?

Don’t Get Blown Away By Wind Related Issues

Get Emergency Alerts. Get Alert Montgomery

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