Friday, January 18, 2008

Smoking and Home Fires Campaign

Smoking is the #1 cause of preventable home fire deaths in the U.S. and here in Montgomery County. Every year, about 1,000 people are killed in home fires that are caused by smoking materials like cigarettes. These fires didn't have to happen.

Please go to our MCFRS Virtual TV site to watch a quick video related to this: MCFRS Virtual TV

The audio you will hear is from an actual 911 call for a fire that started after a person fell asleep while smoking in bed. That person later died from severe burn injuries.

Below, please find some facts, safety tips, and general information that you might find useful!

Brochure (PDF, 633 Kb), Text
Poster (PDF, 470 Kb)
General Fact Sheet (PDF, 630 Kb), Text
Consumer Fact Sheet (PDF, 632 Kb), Text
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT, 7.2 Mb), Text
Campaign Letterhead - PDF Press (1.2 Mb), PDF Print (51 Kb)
Ways to Spread the Smoking & Home Fires Campaign Throughout Your Community (PDF, 119 Kb), Text