Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fire Prevention Week Activities

While I believe we all do a good job of reaching out to the community to promote fire and injury prevention practices, I tend to wonder how often we forget our fellow government employees? I must confess that, too often, I forget that there is a whole other audience that needs to hear the messages we preach.

For Fire Prevention Week (FPW), I forgot again though fortunately our Fire Chief, Tom Carr, did not. Thanks to Master Fire Fighter Matt Kelleher (with a little help from me at least), we were able to put up displays and have a kiosk for safety handouts in our Executive Office Building in Rockville. While it is nothing fancy, it does remind county employees, as well as visitors, that it is FPW!

I have included some photos for you to see some of what we (I should say Matt) put together!

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