Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MCFRS Social Media Continues to Grow!

Recently, our Facebook and Twitter pages have exceeded 1,700 and 600 fans respectively! All good stuff in a relatively short time span.

It has been truly amazing to watch this grow and see how the various fire safety messages spread well beyond our listed fans. I have observed Twitter messages, in particular, being “re-tweeted” (forwarded) and going to look at each persons’ Twitter page and seeing hundreds and thousands of “followers” for them thus meaning that many more are receiving the message.

We also send out this information via “regular” email newsletters that have over 2,000 subscribers who in turn forward the email on to their civic/community groups or other individuals.

I have also learned, and am still learning, to utilize tracking tools that show me that many more people than just our registered friends and fans are clicking in to read up on our various messages. I can also even see where they are tuning in from!

Even more interesting is the fact we have received some fantastic information from these sites. Folks have requested smoke alarm checks for their homes, File of Life requests, fire safety questions, as well as tips on potential code enforcement issues.

Hope all of our friends have had a great start to 2010 and, as always:

Stay Safe!


1 comment:

Greg Friese said...

Which tracking tools are you using and what are you tracking?

Keep up the good work.