Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update on Germantown Brush Fire

8-15 non-contiguous acres

4-5 homes compromise, mostly exterior

1 barn, farm trailer and some farm equipment burned

Mutual Aid - Fred Co, DNR, Carroll Co, Howard Co, DCFD

MCFRS Career and Vol members called back to back fill stations for normal 911 call load

MCPD - 3 p.m. Shift called back early to assist.
Partial activation of EOC

Pepco - approx 1750 out in Clopper/Mateny area

244 out in darnestown/jones lane area - all should be back up by 1700 or so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all MCFD & MCPD for all your great work keeping is safe.

Jason Dunnahoo said...

When will residents be allowed back down Riffle Ford and Monarch Vista Dr?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not much longer.

Mike Cederholm said...

We are grateful to the MCFD - and all of those who responded today on Brandon Way Rd. It was like a movie with the trucks coming through the thick smoke to save our residences. We are sorry for those who lost structures, but without the quick, professional response today, I fear the damage would have been catastrophic for this neighborhood. Thank you MCFD!!

Unknown said...

i grew up in the house in front of the gunclub gates. many memories in that old barn. sad to see a piece of history like that good - but grateful none were hurt, or the old house!

Amy Lnkous said...

Chief- please share my great appreciation for all of the hard work your employees and volunteers did yesterday. I'm sure there were just as many behind the scenes that were equally responsible for the well coordinated effort. I live on Monarch Vista Dr off of Riffle Ford Rd and am so thankful that no one lost their home yesterday. I was so very impressed at how many different areas pitched into keep us safe. They were out here all day long and well into the night. You obviously have a dedicated and very effective group of firefighters. I cannot adequately express my appreciation. It was a scary day yesterday and I come out of it with intense respect for the work you all do. It was obvious that your firefighters were well prepared and are very good at what they do. It was really quite amazing that the damage wasn't far worse and I can only credit that to your department. They saved many lives and homes yesterday I have no doubt. I hope they know how greatly it was appreciated by all of us!

Anonymous said...


I have forwarded your comments onto the Fire Chief. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


Anonymous said...


Forwarded yours on as well.

@truhic1426: Always sad when something meaningful to you is taken away. Share your positive view on house being saved as well as no one hurt.


Unknown said...

Bless the fire/rescue/police, I heard the whole thing on my scanner!

They do a great job!