Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let’s Not Meet By “Accident!” Remember SoberRide Program If You Have One Too Many Tonight!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!  As we all know one of the primary activities associated with this day, for those over the age of 21, is the consumption of alcohol.  With that comes the danger of drinking and driving.

The women and men of MCFRS have no desire to meet any of you by “accident” this evening because you have had one too many!  Of course, if you drink and drive and are involved in a crash it is really not an accident.  It would be a PREVENTABLE incident!

Toward that end of preventing a needless tragedy, I wanted to make all of you aware of a fantastic program available to you if you find you perhaps should not get behind the wheel of your vehicle after an evening of celebrating.

It is called SoberRide and it is a program developed by the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).  Please see below for more information and BE SAFE this evening!


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