Friday, February 24, 2012

Training Exercise – Rappelling From Aerial Tower 703

Personnel from Rockville Station 3B and 3D shift took advantage of Thursday's beautiful weather and engaged in a training exercise rappelling from Aerial Tower 703.

Click on the photo to see more pictures from the training.
Personnel involved were Captain Norris, Lieutenant Hageman, Master Firefighter (MFF) Walls, MFF Ward, MFF Damico, Firefighter (FF) Lann (Tower driver training and photographer), FF Veronesi (New Tower driver), FF Maggie Stottlemyer, FF Leister, FF Viands, FF Funes, and RVFD volunteer Brianna Seymour.

Personnel learned techniques in rappelling from rappel racks, 8's, and tandem Prusik belays while enjoying the view from 100 feet above Rockville's Town Square.

MCFRS personnel train frequently on all of the basics so we are ready to respond to, and take care of, a wide variety of emergency situations that could impact our County and its residents. Click on the photo to see more pictures from our training day.  

Stay safe!

Lt. Pete Hageman, 3D

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