Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Unit Citation

By: BC Mark Davis 

It is very fitting that units from the 1st Battalion receive Fire Chief Steven E. Lohr's first Unit Citation for exemplary work at a townhouse fire that occurred on March 17th in Co 12's first-due response district. Crews from E712, E715, and T715 rescued a woman trapped on the second floor of a townhouse fire. An adult male had already jumped from the second floor prior to the arrival of FD units. Ambulance 712 and Medic 712 provided excellent medical care and both victims survived the event with minimal injury. BC Mark Davis was the Incident Commander.

1st Battalion units made a true difference that day!

 (L to R) Front: BC Mark Davis, FF Raymond Briscoe, MF Jude McDowell, LT James Snyder, FF Kevin Benns, FF James Proctor, MF Michael Ryman, FF Lauren Wickson. Back: Division Chief Scott Goldstein, FF Brent Sheely, FF Patrick Paradise, MF Marvin Robinson, Fire Chief Steve Lohr, FF Chad Goyette, AC Steve Jones.

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