Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Serious Motor Vehicle Collisions

By: Battalion Chief Mark Davis

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, companies in the lower end of the 1st Battalion responded to serious motor vehicle collisions all resulting in serious injury to multiple occupants. At least two of the collisions appeared to have involved high speed. People need to SLOW down. Companies 12, 16, and BC701 operated at the wreck shown in the below photo which occurred across the street from Co 12 on Friday, May31. 

mvc1stbat2When you look at this photo (right) , you have wonder, "How did this happen?" Well- the FD wonders the same thing - however, they have to go into action and bring the emergency under control. When cars are on top of each other such as at this wreck, the scene is unsafe until those cars can be stabilized to prevent any movement or shifting. An unstable car is a danger to both the trapped occupant and the emergency responder. 


Mechanical struts - shown in the lower right - are used to stabilize objects. In this case, the strut is one of several in use to stabilze the car that is resting on top of the other car. Master Firefighter Sean Hall (16-C) - shown in photo (left) - shared the photos.


With all patients removed, the FD carefully removes the stabilization devices that they used and releases the scene to the police. Wreckers will eventually seperate the cars and tow them away.

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