Thursday, July 25, 2013

Townhouse Fire

By: Battalion Chief Mark Davis

Several units from the 1st Battalion (E719, E724, E701, AT719, T716, BC701) responded to a townhouse fire in the lower end of Battalion 4 (Wheaton/Kensington) on Monday evening. Companies 18, 5 and Rescue 2 arrived quickly and found a working kitchen fire in a 2-story occupied townhouse. The 1st Battalion units provided support operations in terms getting to the rear of the structure and into adjacent structures to make sure fire did not spread into those properties.

Once again - a small, cooking-related fire quickly grew to a much larger proportion. Although damage to the home was significant, all occupants (including several children) were able to escape thanks to working smoke detectors.

Crews in this photo are getting ready to make the initial entry through the front door. Several ladders have been placed for rescue and building access. Fortunately - the fire was contained in little time due to the coordinated efforts of all companies. 

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