Friday, August 30, 2013

Rescue Squad Driver Training

By: Firefighter Ryan Linville

To be allowed to drive any fire truck in MCFRS, you need to complete various classroom and practical training and tests as it relates to a particular type of fire truck.  Currently, I am working on my driver’s training portion for the Rescue Squad.  Captain Mike Green is my trainer and officer on my shift and has helped push me further to be a top notch firefighter.

On the practical portions, Captain Green goes the extra mile and sets up drills for me instead of just having me complete a basic skill. What you see in the pictures below is us lifting a four thousand pound van off a car using hydraulic jacks and then air bags. With these scenarios we have to use paratech struts and massive amount of cribbing to make the drill complete.

All the techniques are very basic to very complex. He tests my ability to know all inventory and all capacities of equipment to the smallest detail. In short, once I'm done with his training the drivers training book will be child's play.

Many thanks to all of the people involved in this drill on my shift, 3-C, to help me complete my training.  We are a very tight knit shift and I feel as though everyone on it wants to see me succeed and become a Squad driver.




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