Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fire Captain Talks To Middle School Students About 9/11

Photo Courtesy of Pam Boe
For the last several years on every 9/11, Captain Troy Lipp has visited John Poole Middle School to tell the 7th Grade students the story of 9/11.  Not in textbook style, but in a very personal narrative as Captain Lipp was one of the Task Force Leaders of Maryland Task Force One that responded to the Pentagon that tragic day.

Most, if not all, of these 7th Grade students were not alive that fateful day thus it is a history lesson for them – a very important history lesson.  Captain Lipp wants to make sure the kids understand what happened and the impact of the day.  How better to learn than from someone who responded to the Pentagon and lived it for many days straight? 

After the presentation for the 7th graders, some members of Maryland Task Force One (Urban Search and Rescue) ate lunch with the students.

Photo Courtesy of Pam Boe

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