Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fire Chief Turns Firefighter At House Fire

On Thursday afternoon (6/18) Fire Chief Goldstein stopped by to visit with the shift at Fire Station #22.   Tanker 722 (a truck that carries a large amount of water) had been dispatched to a large vehicle/trash truck fire on I-270, which required staffing from Engine 722's crew to get it to the scene.  This left the Engine Company with only two people thus they were one person short.

At around 4:30 pm - during a severe thunderstorm event - a call came in for a house struck by lightning in the 24700 block of Kings Valley Road.  Fire Chief Goldstein, knowing the Engine was short one person, grabbed his gear and climbed onto Engine 722 in the seat (bucket) behind Captain Brett Livingston to serve as the lineman (firefighter) on the unit.  

Engine 722 arrived on the scene, with several other fire and rescue units, and Captain Livingston and his "crew" eventually went to work.  As you can see below, they all worked up quite a sweat!

Captain Brett Livingston and the crew of E722 taking
a break (Fire Chief Goldstein in middle).
Awaiting their assignment. Chief Goldstein on left.
Taking a break at the rehab section.

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