Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Leisure World Apartment Fire

On September 15, 2015 at approximately 3:15 pm, MCFRS units were dispatched for a reported apartment fire in the 3600 block of Gleneagles Dr. within the Leisure World community.  Truck 725 arrived on the scene and reported fire showing from the 1st floor along with heavy smoke conditions.  Additional units were requested immediately.

Prior to fire department arrival a few nearby workers upstairs felt the heat, smelled the smoke and, after calling 911, assisted a 90 year old occupant safely from the apartment where the fire started.  Additionally, residents alerted neighbors of the fire on the first floor ensuring everybody got out unscathed prior to the arrival of MCFRS units. 

Firefighters worked quickly in containing and extinguishing the bulk of the fire while at the same time evacuating several residents from the adjoining buildings.  In addition, one dog was located inside the structure unconscious, rescued, and subsequently revived.  A cat in the fire apartment was located but had succumbed to its injuries.

During operations two (2) firefighters sustained, and were treated for, minor injuries.  There were no injuries to residents.  Approximately seventy-five (75) firefighters responded to the fire.
Approximately eleven (11) residents were displaced from ten (10) apartments. Damage was estimated at $700k to the structure and $300k to the contents. The fire is believed to be accidental and likely electrical in nature.

Firefighters will be returning to the Leisure World community today at 1 pm to conduct “After the Fire” outreach activities that include speaking with residents as well as checking their smoke alarms.

Leisure World Apartment Fire

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Dana said...

Many elderly people can't hear or wake up to high-pitched smoke alarms. Alarms triggering an audible 520 Hz square wave signal would be much more effective. In.contrast, research has shown strobe lights woke up only 30% of people with hearing loss.