Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meet Rockville Fire Station 33 A-Shift

By: Captain Scott Buchholz

I have a great shift at Fire Station 33 A-Shift.  While not responding to emergency calls, they are constantly taking care of firehouse business, map work, learning first due areas and buildings, engine company drills, drivers training, station maintenance, vehicle check outs, station pride projects and other general duties that reflect a professional and positive attitude.

I could not ask for a better group to get work done while having fun doing it.

The positive and can do attitude continues on emergency calls as well as changing flat tires for residents, checking smoke alarms, and any other form of public service that we find.

Thanks to my shift at 33-A for the hard work you do! 

Left to right, FF Charles "Chazz " Smith, MFF Jaymie Birney, Me, FF Roger Hohman, FF Kyle Dixon, FF Perry Power.  Not pictured: FF Katie Null and FF Sean Cramer. Photo Courtesy of Jontell Buchholz 

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