Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Exit Drills In The Home - Have Two Ways Out!

Having working smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers play a large role in you and your loved ones surviving a fire in your home. Another crucial part of surviving a fire in your home is developing a home fire escape plan and then PRACTICING the plan! As they say in sports: "If you fail to prepare than prepare to fail!"

While we hope you never experience a fire in your home, the women and men of MCFRS hope that you prepare the right way so as to increase the chances you and your loved ones will survive if fire does occur.

You can go here to learn how to develop a plan: Develop a Home Escape Plan

Once you develop that plan and familiarize all occupants of the home with the plan, make sure you hold a fire drill -- just like you did in school -- to practice the plan!

Below is a great video from our partners in safety at FEMA and the US Fire Administration that provides more information.

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