Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Public Safety Training Academy Campus Progress

By: Michael Clemens
Assistant Chief (Ret) MCFRS

After months of hard work, the new Public Safety Training Academy is starting to look like a campus. Total completion is still several months away but we have come a long way since the ground breaking in February of 2015.

Below is a series of photos highlighting just how far we have come in the process.  

In the photo below, and to the left, siding has been put on the police shooting range building exterior. At the center, and a little green in color, is the Academic Building for both police (MCP) and fire (MCFRS). The MCFRS offices are on the second floor on the left while MCP will be on the first floor just below. A lobby area will be in the center and all classrooms are on the right of the building.

the new Academic Building at the new PSTA

The multi-use Cityscape Structure Training area is going up in this photo. The school structure on the right is framed up. This will look great in the weeks to come.

Cityscape Structure Training area

Next up is the MCP’s Canine Training Building which is starting to take shape though the roof membrane is not installed yet. That should be happening soon. 

photo of Canine Training Building

Below, the arch between the gym and parking garage coming from the front plaza area is up.  It will hold the rolling gate swipe card gate going to the back building and areas.

the arch between the gym and parking garage

The High Bay and Fire Training Support Building is getting the interior painted. In addition, the balconies are getting installed along with lights, heating equipment and ventilation this week. The areas within the structure will be made to look like store fronts, a townhouse, and apartment building. There will also be storage and site support equipment on the other side of this building.

 High Bay and Fire Training Support Building

Siding completed on the High-Bay. Trim and doors next. 

photo of Siding completed on the High-Bay

In this photo we can see that the six story fire building (on the left) is half way up. This will be used for simulated fires and other emergencies in a high-rise building. Next to it is the single family burn structure that is almost complete.

photo of six story fire building

Elevator installed in the lobby of the Academic building. It is becoming cleaner and less dusty inside. They are cleaning to make it ready for the fiber installations next month and painting. Second floor balcony location over the lobby below.

the lobby of the Academic building

Look for another update soon! Right now, the estimate is the new training complex will be in sometime in late August for the beginning of fall classes.

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