Monday, December 3, 2007

Safety News Flash!

Safety News Flash!

The National Weather Service has issued a WIND Advisory for the entire National Capital Area, effective from now through 1AM Tuesday morning. Winds will consistently be 25-30 mph, with gust of 50 mph.

As we all know, with high winds come potential power outages. We in the fire department also know that this may mean good intentioned folks using candles to light their homes during the evening hours which sometimes can lead to a tragic fire in the home. It may also mean folks using generators - though not in the safest of ways.

To help avoid a potentially tragic event Chief Tom Carr, and the women and men of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, encourage you to review the potential life saving information below so that you and your loved ones can take appropriate steps in the event of a power outage.

During power outages:

* Flashlights and other lights generated by batteries are much safer light sources than candles.
* Try to avoid carrying a lit candle and never use it to look for things.
* Never use a candle for light when fueling equipment such as a kerosene heater or lantern. The flame may ignite the fumes.
*Remember: A candle is an open flame. It can easily ignite any combustible nearby!
*Always provide adequate ventilation when using wood stoves and fireplaces and ensure proper installation, adjustment and operation of all flame-burning appliances.
*Never use an oven or gas range to heat the house.
*Never run a generator, used to supply electricity to a home, inside the home to include garages! This can result in Carbon Monoxide fumes seeping into the home and poisoning, or killing, all in the home!
*Use generators OUTSIDE the home!
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