Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Community and Residential Pool Safety Tips

Chief Richard Bowers wants you to know that drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children ages 14 and under, taking nearly 1,000 children s lives each year. For every drowning, it is estimated that there are four near-drownings that result in hospitalization. The Chief would also ask that you please take a few minutes to go over the below safety tips!

Safety Tips
  • Take Swimming lessons and learn CPR
  • Play it safe around water. Stay out if there is no lifeguard or grown-up around.
  • Swim only when rested.
  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • Young children should always swim with an a buddy.
  • Never eat candy or chew gum when you are swimming You could choke.
  • Get out of the water, and seek appropriate shelter, if you hear thunder or see lightning.
  • Do not mess around! Running, pushing, or shoving people can cause serious injury to you or your friends.
  • Follow posted rules.
  • Always raise your hands over your head when diving.
  • Consider water wings or other similar flotation devices for young children.
  • Regularly check that the gate latches securely and that the spring mechanisms work properly.
  • Do not allow children to play in the pool area. Remove all toys or anything a child might want to get from the vicinity.
  • Post the 911 emergency number in the pool area.
  • Keep lifesaving equipment, such as a pole, life preserver and rope in the pool area. Hang them from a fence or wall so people will not trip on them.
  • Have a phone handy in the pool area. DO NOT answer the phone while your children are in the pool; use the phone only in emergencies to call 911.
  • NEVER leave children unattended in the pool area. In the time it takes to sign for a package at your front door (4 to 6 minutes), a child submerged in the pool can sustain permanent brain damage.
  • Encourage your neighbors with pools to follow pool safety guidelines, including keeping their back gates and doors locked, and their pool gates secure.
  • When at a Public/Community pool adults should always supervise their children even with a lifeguard present.

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