Friday, June 22, 2012

What Every Family Needs to Know

No one wants to think about having a fire at home. But thinking about it and being ready for it can and does save lives. Having working smoke alarms in your home provides early warning if there is a fire. Planning and practicing a home fire drill can prepare you to get out safely. If you think your home is not at risk for a home fire, consider these statistics: every 60 seconds there is a fire in the United States, approximately 4,000 people die in fires annually, and about 80 percent of these deaths occur in the home.

Please take a couple of minutes to talk to your family about fire safety today!

Chief Bowers and the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

NOTE: While it appears some letters are missing on the side of Page 1, they do show up when you download and then print out.  BD

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