Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poster Contest On Carbon Monoxide Safety

Correction 11:47 AM December 6: The CPSC Contest actually does not start until early 2013.  The below information is not accurate.  We will post the new contest information as soon as it comes out in 2013.

Sorry for any confusion this has caused!

Stay Safe,

Bill D

Recently (read yesterday) I was made aware of a wonderful poster contest for middle school children being sponsored by our friends at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

It is related to Carbon Monoxide (CO) and the dangers of CO in the home.  Because you can not see or smell CO, it is often referred too as the invisible killer.

So if you have a middle school student in your household, or are a middle school teacher, please pass along the below flyer with the contest parameters.  The deadline is already fast approaching but there is still time!

My hope is that the contest will also help spread the word of safety and prevention.  It would be wonderful to see a Montgomery County student win the contest and, indirectly, assist us here at MCFRS to prevent these terrible events from occurring.  

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