Friday, February 15, 2013

Unit Citations

Yesterday, Fire Chief Bowers stopped by Fire Station #2 (Takoma Park) and Fire Station #15 (Burtonsville) to present personnel with unit citations for life saving actions taken at two fires last year.

Station 2’s crew quickly went into rescue and fire extinguishment mode when responding to a fire on Flower Avenue in Takoma Park. Due to their quick actions, a 15 year old female was rescued.

Likewise, career and volunteer personnel from Station #15 received recognition for their quick actions at a fire on Castle Boulevard that resulted in 17 people being removed/rescued from harms way.

Video and photos are below. Great job by all!

Fire Station #2 crew

Fire Station #15


Gam said...

Can you post a picture of the Co.15 citation as well?

billd said...


There are two photos that were already posted, above, from the Co 15 citation.