Friday, October 1, 2010

NO “Texting” or “Holding and Talking on a Cell Phone” While Driving Starts TODAY!

While I am positive most all of you out there NEVER text or talk on a cell phone (using hands free device the exception) while driving, I thought it prudent to make sure everyone know about the new law that goes into effect today, October 1st.  Basically, no "texting” or “holding and talking on a cell phone while driving.

The exact wording of the law:

“Prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion from using the driver's hands to use a handheld telephone except to initiate or terminate a wireless call or to turn on or off the handheld phone; providing that a violation of the Act may be enforced only as a secondary violation; establishing penalties of $40 for a first offense and $100 for a second offense; prohibiting a driver of a school vehicle or a holder of an instructional permit or provisional driver's license from using a handheld phone while driving; etc”.

Makes sense to most all of you who follow us on this blog or our other social media outlets.  : )

For more information, several news links are available:

As always, stay SAFE!

Bill Delaney


Rocky Lopes said...

Thank you for reinforcing this very important message. One would think that people would operate multi-ton missiles with more responsibility, and we wouldn't have to legislate responsible driving.

The motto, "hang up and drive," can be heard frequently from me as I remember the life of my close friend, Rick, who was killed by someone driving and talking on a hand-held cell phone. Her response was, "I didn't see him." This phrase is often heard by us motorcyclists.

Rick left three children and a wife and lots of family and friends who won't forget who he was and what happened.

I appreciate your responsible and important blog post today. In memory of Rick and all those who have been injured or killed by irresponsible behavior, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I've seen many near misses and one woman was talking on her cell while she zoomed passed a stopped school bus picking up kids. Lives can be changed forever in a split second.