Monday, April 2, 2012

Firefighter - Fit

Submitted by MFP Robert Furst and FF Matt Miles of 15-B

Career and Volunteer Firefighters from your local fire and rescue stations have been engaging in a challenging new physical training program that they have named “Firefighter Fit.”

Firefighter - Fit is based on the Cross-Fit training program, but with job-specific tasks incorporated into the training. These tasks include, but are not limited to, hose extending and pulling drills, ceiling breach exercises, forcible entry drills, victim drags and carries, and ladder carries. Some Cross-Fit exercises integrated include tire flips and carries, weighted lunges, pushups, and core exercises. Firefighter Fit is performed at an accelerated pace in an anaerobic workout of continuous drills lasting 20-30 minutes without rest periods. The Firefighter Fit workout goal is to complete these drills in our [almost] full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - boots, structural firefighter pants and jackets with firefighting gloves - and while wearing and breathing air from our SCBA (air packs). Personnel of all fitness levels are completing these drills in various forms of workout attire, PPE, and with or without SCBA.

Firefighter Fit usually takes place at the fire station where we have all of our equipment at our disposal.

Firefighter Fit is performed while on duty during the assigned physical training activity period (normally in the morning) by your career firefighters. This training may take place at any time by your local volunteer firefighters. When you drive or walk by your local fire station and witness a group of your local firefighters running, jumping, and using various types equipment in a fury, they are participating in Firefighter Fit.

Your local firefighters are participating in Firefighter Fit for several reasons. Most importantly, your local firefighters are participating in Firefighter Fit for YOU. Physical training and staying fit are paramount in maintaining our ability to come to your aid when you are in harm’s way. Your local firefighters are also training for themselves. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a high fitness level decreases the frequency of on the job injuries and increases our quality of life (no one wants to be temporarily off duty or have to retire due to an injury). Also, bragging rights and friendly competition are common between Firefighter Fit stations, and firefighters always want to be the winners.

The next time you drive or walk by you local firefighters participating in Firefighter Fit training, offer them some encouragement. They are working out to be “combat ready” for you!

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