Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fatal Fire in Silver Spring

Montgomery County Fire Investigators have determined the origin of this afternoon’s fatal fire in the 15700 block of Interlachen Drive in Silver Spring and are releasing the name of the victim who perished in the fire. Units from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue were dispatched about 12:20 p.m. to a residential high-rise building located in the Leisure World community for the report of a building fire.

Montgomery County Fire Investigators were dispatched to the scene and have determined that the fire originated in the enclosed balcony/sunroom area of a 9th floor unit. Fire sprinklers activated in the unit and kept the fire from extending more significantly in the building.

Investigators have released the name of the deceased victim, Debra Yuhas Lee, age 63. There were no reported injuries to firefighters or civilians. The cause of the fire remains under investigation and is listed as undetermined at this time. Damage estimates were $150,000. 

This is the third fire fatality in Montgomery County this year and each victim has been in their 60’s. Units from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue will be in the Leisure World community on Thursday distributing fire safety tips and information.  
Fatal Fire in Silver SpringFatal Fire in Silver Spring                                                      Fatal Fire in Silver Spring                   



Anonymous said...

How could sprinklers have kept the fire from spreading if there were no sprinklers in the sunroom????

Bill Delaney said...

There were sprinklers in the apartment living area.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't there have been sprinklers in the sunroom???? the sprinklers were very far away from the sunroom

Bill Delaney said...

Not sure of the particulars of this building but a lot of codes are grandfathered in thus it may not have been required at the time it was built.

Anonymous said...

So- not having sprinklers in the sunroom; an area of living- sooo very far from the sprinkler systems is helpful- but to whom-everyone but the resident stuck in an inferno and unable to escape?