Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kitten Rescue


Kitten Rescue, a set on Flickr.

By: Lieutenant Sam Villani

On Monday, September 23, 2013, Tower 703 assisted Montgomery County Animal Control in the Fallsgrove section of Rockville with a stranded kitten. The kitten had fallen into the deep part of a dry storm sewer drain, and could not get out.

When Tower 703 arrived the animal control officer, Jennifer Gill, had Tower 703’s crew remove the manhole cover and assist with attempting to retrieve the kitten. Normally in order to enter a below grade confined space a specialty team would be needed- and doing so would have likely scared the kitten away. So we collectively decided to try using food that was graciously donated by Avalon at Fallsgrove employees, and a combination of a small animal net and a utility bag and webbing to rescue the kitten.

After fifteen minutes of configuring the food with the bag and the net, Master Firefighter Chris May safely netted the kitten and brought it to safety.

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