Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thursday Is National PrepareAthon! Day

Would you and your loved ones know what to do if you heard a loud roar that sounded like a train; looked out the window and saw a tornado in the distance heading your way?

Know what to do if another Derecho hit the area and you were without power, food or water for several days?

Or would you know what actions to take if another earthquake hit the region that was stronger than the last two "minor" quakes we have experienced over the last several years?

If the above questions have caused you to think and/or left you unsure as to what you would do, please consider participating in National PrepareAthon! Day tomorrow, Thursday, April 30.  The initiative, sponsored by FEMA, will revolve around taking actions to prepare for six specific hazards:

Help us to help you when disaster strikes!  Please take time to review the information and PREPARE!  Also please take a couple of minutes to watch the powerful video below.  If that does not inspire you and your loved ones to prepare than nothing will:

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