Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stay Home and Stay Warm!

Hopefully everyone is staying at HOME and keeping warm!  One of our Facebook fans posted some good advice about making sure to shovel in moderation and do it every so often so you are not attempting to shovel all 20 plus something inches at once!  The other key is to make sure you HYDRATE properly before going out and physically exerting yourself!

Take a moment to visit us at our Facebook page as we are posting stuff there as well (including some info on who to call for power outages):  MCFRS on Facebook

At the site, we are hosting the Snow, Snow, and then - more SNOW event on our Facebook page. Click here to get there and join in:!/event.php?eid=298842242568&ref=mf

A couple of photos have been posted there already!

Stay safe and warm!


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