Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Potential Storm On Way - Be Prepared!

Surprise, surprise another potential storm is on the way! While there is still some debate as to how much, if any, snow accumulation there may be, there appears to be one weather element all of the forecasters agree upon – high winds! As many of you are all too aware, high winds can mean no electricity for your homes for extended periods of time.

As I always stress here – BE PREPARED!

One particular piece of the preparedness issue I want to hit is making sure you use BATTERY POWERED lighting equipment if your power goes out and you need some light! I saw a local news story this morning which caused me great distress as they interviewed one local young lady who stressed that she needed to make sure she had plenty of candles in case her power went out at night. If that were not enough, they then interviewed another MC family that had a power outage the last storm and they hit upon candle use and the camera showed a picture of a burning candle on this family’s WOOD table without any holder or non-combustible plate beneath it! YIKES! A potential disaster within a disaster there!

As I posted during all of our winter storms, please make sure you keep your local fire hydrant clear of any snow so that our people can readily see them and use them in case of fire.

Please take some time to prepare for this potential storm. If anything less than the worst occurs, then you will be more than ready! But please take a moment to click below and review some steps you should take, and some items you should have on hand, to prepare for the weather.

Winter Weather Tips

Winter Storms

Disaster Preparedness

Fireplace Safety Tips

Candle Safety - As some of you will use them regardless! : )

Delays, Closings, & Other Information Due to Winter Storms & Emergencies

Stay Safe,

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