Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Incident Operations Wrap-Up From Last Night

MCFRS Units were dispatched 324 times between 5 PM & Mid-night 10/29.  The high peek period was between 8 PM to 10 PM when MCFRS units were dispatched 156 times.  From Mid-night to 4 AM this morning (10/30) units were dispatched 47 times.

During this time frame, one significant incident was located in the 20 block of Manchester Place - tree into apartment building with major gas leak.  The gas was isolated at the meter and shut off quickly.  14 adults and 5 children displaced and there were no injuries.

There were 3 dispatches for cars in the water with people trapped.  In each instance, all occupants were out and safe before arrival of MCFRS personnel.  A number of dispatches were for wires and/or trees down.

No other real significant incidents occurred during this time frame.

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