Thursday, October 25, 2012

Severe Storm Potentially On The Way…..Are You Ready?

Hopefully most of you have been paying attention the last day or so to Hurricane Sandy and her potential track over the next several days.  As of this moment, indications are Sandy will have a potentially historic impact from our area up to New England starting sometime late Sunday through as late as Tuesday.

I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on this as it is an ever changing event.  A good source of info, beside your local news coverage, is the National Hurricane Center web site.  Take a moment to look around and keep track of this storm.

Also highly encouraged is to make sure your Emergency Preparedness plans are ready and up to date.  Now is a good time to check and make sure you have all the tools needed to take care of you and loved ones – especially if your electric power service is knocked out for a few days.

Below, please find some links that I hope you might find useful.  I believe it will be well worth your time to go through each to learn more and possibly look at ways you can better prepare for this, or other like, events.

Are you prepared for a disaster?  From Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Again, stay informed and be ready!  We will have more information on this site as appropriate.

Stay Safe,

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