Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rescue Squad Operations

By: Battalion Chief Mark Davis
MCFRS Battalion 1

Crews from Company 15 and 12 are shown going to work Oct. 16 at a vehicle collision involving a rollover with entrapment on Route 29.

When vehicles are rolled over, the greatest concern is stability. In most cases, the vehicle is not found "teetering" on an edge. But, the mere fact that an arm or leg or worse could be pinned under the vehicle directs folks from the heavy rescue squad to stabilize the vehicle before attempting any patient removal.

The "tie-back" operation is a commonplace method of securing an overturned vehicle. The methods uses some basic laws of physics to provide stability. So for our non-FD friends - this is just one more example of how math and science helps you in your adult life. Much of heavy rescue work is about understanding physics and the laws of gravity and force.

Rescue Squad 715 is designed with numerous anchor points on all four sides of the rig - making it quite versatile in these type of events.

Once again, crews from the 1st Battalion did a great job of vehicle stabilization, extrication, and patient care. Fortunately, the driver of the overturned vehicle was not seriously injured and this event reinforces the importance of wearing your seat belt!

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