Monday, November 24, 2014

1st Battalion Paramedic Awarded EMS Provider of the Month for October

By Battalion Chief Mark Davis

Congratulations to Lieutenant Paramedic (LTP) Robert Furst (A-Shift Float) for being chosen by MCFRS's EMS Division as EMS Provider of the Month for October 2014. Lieutenant Furst was the primary care provider on a critically ill and combative patient. His work, along with his crew's efforts provided a successful outcome. In the photos below you will notice that in addition to a certificate, the EMS Provider of the Month also receives a beautiful challenge coin.

In addition to his normal duties as a Float Lieutenant on the A-Shift in the 1st Battalion, LTP Furst also serves as a back-up EMS Duty Officer and as a guest lecturer at the County's training academy. 

Excellent work LTP Robert Furst!

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