Friday, March 11, 2016

Change Your Clocks - CHECK Your Smoke Alarms This Weekend

It is that time of year again! While testing your smoke alarms should be a monthly occurrence, at the minimum, we here at MCFRS want to make extra sure that you take time this weekend to do so. So as you think about the hour of sleep you will lose Saturday night/Sunday morning, please also know that this would be a very good time to make sure critical life safety devices in your home are working properly.

Just before you move that clock hand forward an hour also make sure you push the test button on the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm(s) in your home. If not working, please replace the battery -- unless it is a sealed 10 year lithium battery at which point you will have to get a new alarm.

Also remember that if your smoke alarm is 10 years of age, or older, it needs to be replaced. You can learn more about that in our infographic below which is suitable for download and/or forward and sharing on your favorite social media platform.

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