Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FY12 MCFRS Budget Includes Funds for Two Recruit Classes

The Montgomery County Council has allocated funds for two abbreviated recruit classes of pre-trained Firefighter/EMTs. For these classes, MCFRS will be seeking applicants with some pre-existing certifications. The specific requirements and certifications necessary to be considered for this recruit class have not been announced, but may include firefighting, hazardous material and EMT experience.

Applications for the pre-trained classes will likley be accepted during the month of June, 2011. Additional information about any pre-exsisting certifications will be posted on the MCFRS website, blog and facebook as soon as it is known. All interested persons are encouraged to sign up for the MCFRS e-mail newsletter at our website (www.mcfrs.org/recruiting), Twitter Page, or to check the facebook page frequently.

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