Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fireplace and Wood Burning Safety

During the holiday season many residents build a fire in the fireplace to add warmth and cheer to their home for family and friends.  According to weather forecasts for this week, it will be plenty warm but we will assume fires will still be built to add cheer to this festive time of year! 

With that in mind, please make sure you understand how to properly dispose of fireplace ashes as many people are unaware of the danger ashes can create.

Fireplace and wood-stove ashes retain enough heat to ignite other combustible materials for several days after a fire. It is important to learn the following ways to dispose of fireplace and wood-stove ashes properly:

    ash can
  • DO NOT discard your ashes into any combustible container like a paper or plastic bag, a cardboard box, or a plastic trash can.
  • DO put ashes into a non-combustible metal container with a lid.
  • DO pour water into the container to make sure the ashes are cool.
  • DO keep your can OUTSIDE the home, away from combustibles.
  • DO teach all family members to be safe with ashes from your fireplace or wood stove.
As always, please make sure you test your smoke alarms monthly and replace batteries twice a year. Practice and plan a family home escape plan.

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