Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inspiring The Next Generation While Keeping The Community Safe

Master Firefighter Damian Langston walks some
children around Paramedic Engine 724

By: Lieutenant Robert Furst

Every Saturday afternoon, firefighters and EMTs in the 1st Battalion canvas the community to hand out informational materials and check residences for working smoke alarms. Occasionally, this leads to one of the most enjoyable moments of our work days: showing children the fire truck.

Children marvel over the size of the apparatus along with the shiny and clean condition of the equipment. To be frank with you, most of the personnel of The 1st were the same way when we were kids, and we like to reminisce about those times. It is our hope that we can brighten the day of the children and maybe lead some of them down the path to becoming the next generation of 1st Battalion Firefighters.

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