Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sledding Safety

Many kids, and adults, are going to seek opportunities to go sledding today and over the next few days.  MCFRS wants to remind parents and caregivers of the following safety tips:
Be Safe While Sledding
  • Make sure terrain is free of obstacles and far from traffic. Children should sled on packed snow (not ice) that is free of debris. Check carefully for snow-covered hazards such as rocks, tree limbs and stumps that could endanger sledders or skiers.
  • Use equipment that is sturdy and safely constructed. Avoid equipment with sharp and jagged edges.
  • Look for energy-absorbing pads on sled seats.
  • Examine handholds on sleds to be sure they are secure.
  • Ensure sleds and toboggans have steering devices that work easily and don't jam.
Parents should remind children to:
  • Sled only on terrain that is free of obstacles.
  • Make sure the bottom of the slope is far from streets, traffic and frozen or partially frozen ponds, lakes or creeks.
  • Always use a sled with a steering mechanism. Avoid makeshift sleds.
  • Avoid lying flat on the sled while riding down hill. Always sit up with feet forward - lying flat increases the chance of head and abdominal injuries.
  • Never ride in a sled pulled by a motorized vehicle.
  • Make sure the number of children riding on the sled does not exceed the manufacturer's recommendations.

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