Friday, September 12, 2014

Fire Lieutenant Graduates From Montgomery County Police Training Academy

Lt. Gettig (c) receiving certificate from
Chief Lohr (r) and MCP Chief Manger (l)
Fire Chief Lohr is extremely proud to announce the graduation of Lieutenant (Lt) Andrew Gettig, assigned to the Fire Investigation and Explosives section of the MCFRS, from the Montgomery County Police Training Academy, Session 60 yesterday.

Lt. Gettig was selected several months ago to fill a vacancy in the Fire Investigation and Explosives section.  One key requirement to fill this role is certification as a law enforcement officer in Montgomery County.  To obtain that certification Lt. Gettig was placed in the intensive, 27-week Police Training Academy program for all new law enforcement recruits that is designed to challenge the recruit physically, academically, and mentally.

If that was not enough, Lt. Gettig went a step further and distinguished himself as he was selected by Montgomery County Police Academy Instructors to receive the prominent Captain James E. Daly Award.  The award, created in memory of Captain James E. Daly who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 1972, is presented to the recruit who best exemplifies the ideals of guidance, knowledge, courage, skill, and dedication to public service. 

Lt. Gettig was presented this award by Mrs. Fran Daly, Captain Daly's widow, in a very moving ceremony.

Congratulations on a job well done Andy! 

Mrs. Daly presenting Lt Gettig w/Daly Award
left to right AC Van Gieson, Chief Lohr, Lt Gettig
DC Steckel and BC Frazier 

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