Monday, April 4, 2016

Poll Result: Does Your Child Know Home Address And How To Call 911

Last Wednesday, we honored a wonderful seven year old girl who was able to call 911 to help her dad, who was experiencing a medical emergency, out. A great story you can learn more about here: Seven Year Old Everyday Hero Honored For Making The Right Call.

As a result we decided to take a poll, via our @MCFS Twitter page, and ask the below question re kids and calling 911. We are happy to see that 70% know their address and how to call 911.

Three percent indicate their child does not know either but will teach them right away. We will assume that the seven percent who know how to call 911 but do not know their address will be taught their address. Very nice to think that, as a result of the poll, some kids will be taught a valuable safety lesson that could save a life; much like seven year old Jenna did!

Of course, we here at MCFRS hope that no one ever has to call 911 as it means someone may be hurt and/or experiencing a fire.

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