Monday, July 12, 2010

Potomac River Safety and Rescue

Master Fire Fighter Donnie Simmons appeared recently on the County show “What’s Brewin” to discuss the varied dangers of the Potomac River. Please take a moment and watch the video to learn more about this beautiful, yet potentially deadly, natural wonder.


Anonymous said...

Boy what a disappointment. I was hoping there would be a good effective discussion of how and why the river is so dangerous and what can and does exactly happen to those who don't respect it. It was too generic, to simple minded and not nearly scary enough to make anyone stay out of the water. if anything the whole discussion sort of invited defiance. Cold water is less than 70 degrees? How do you expect anyone to take the danger seriously if they translate danger as 65 degree water?

Dave said...

Stay strong, guys. It's good to know you're out there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

Sorry to disappoint you. You have to understand that this video is just on part of a number of informational and educational initiatives we have undertaken on this subject. Sometimes you have to follow the thought process that we need to keep it simple for most folks to understand. I would respectfully disagree that and state he did talk about why the river is so dangerous and pointed out that people tend to die or seriously hurt when they do not respect it. My sense is you might have a bit more knowledge on this topic thus your feelings it is too elementary. Please understand you are probably more an exception to the rule as most folks do not understand thus the need to keep it simple.

Thanks for weighing in!

Stay Safe,


Muskrat said...

As a kayaker who paddles the Potomac regularly and happened to be out on the river several days in areas where drownings occurred, I would like to second the statement about the river being deceptively calm. I was paddling the Mather Gorge on Memorial Day and it was a warm day and a lot of people were in the water. The river looked calm but 2 people lost their lives that day less than 30 minutes after I left the Difficult Run area. In addition to being comfortable in the water, kayakers wear PFD's (life jackets) which have flotation if we 'fall out' of our boats.

The NPS is now organizing a group of volunteer kayakers to help spread the word and hopefully help prevent future drownings on the Potomac.

Muskrat said...

The NPS is organizing a group of volunteer kayakers to try to help prevent future drownings on the river

Anonymous said...

Always good to spread the word! Thanks for your (and NPS) help with this as you guys are always on the water.