Monday, July 26, 2010


A major storm has knocked out power to more than 200,000 Pepco customers in Montgomery County and left nearly a third of the County’s traffic signals without power. A number of trees throughout the County are down, some closing roads. Pepco has indicated this will be a "multi-day restoration."

Montgomery County and the American Red Cross will open a shelter at midnight tonight at the East County Recreation Center located at 3310 Gateshead Manor Way, Silver Spring.

Mandatory water restrictions have been imposed for all Montgomery County and Prince Georges County residents on public water systems because of a power outage at the Potomac Pumping Station, which provides about two-thirds of Montgomery County’s water. Residents and businesses are urged to use water only for essential indoor uses so sufficient water will be available for hospitals, emergency services and fire fighting.

Water customers should:

  • Stop all outside water use – no watering lawns, no washing cars, no topping off swimming pools
  • Use water only as necessary – i.e., shorter showers and turn off faucets after washing hands  
  • Limit toilet flushings (do not flush after every use)
  • Limit washing machine and dishwasher use (wash full loads only)

The County has activated its 311 call center for non-emergency calls. Residents can report downed trees in the public right-of-way.

All Montgomery County Parks and Recreation programs are cancelled for tomorrow, Monday, July 26, including, classes, camps and activities.

  • For emergency assistance, call 911.
  • Don't travel if you don't need to. Treat all dark intersections as four-way stops. Proceed cautiously.
  • Call Pepco at 1-877-737-2662 to report outages.
Ride On will operate on Monday, as will trash and recycling collections. These operations could be delayed due to traffic signal power outages.

Check for updated information on Montgomery County facilities, services, and programs.

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