Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dog Rescue

While this happened a week ago, I thought it would still be nice to pass along to all of you out there who follow us. Several good pictures are included. The below narrative was provided by Lieutenant Rick Triplett who was the Officer in Charge on Truck 735 (Milestone) which participated in the rescue.

A week ago, November 30, fire and rescue units were called to assist with a dog that was trapped in a metal drainage pipe. The dog was in a metal drainage pipe about 30 feet from the opening and was hung up on something in the pipe and the pipe was too narrow to crawl in to. The squad crew had measured in from the end to see how far in he was so they knew where to start digging. Rescue Squad 729 (Germantown) had started digging when we arrived and were down about 1 foot or so. We continued to dig when a guy said he had a small backhoe across the street.

We were able to get the backhoe into the scene and dig down 4 to 5 feet before it hit the pipe. We then used an air chisel, hydraulic spreaders and cutters to make a hole in the top of the pipe. The dog was about 4 feet from the opening and could not be reached. While we were discussing our options the dog stuck his nose out of the opening. At first he backed away when he saw strangers but a minute later he came out a little further and we were able to grab him and pull him out.

Go here to see several photos: MCFRS on Flickr

The crews were: Battalion Chief Witt was Battalion 705, Rescue Squad 729 was Lieutenant Randall, Firefighters Tatum and Palma, Aerial Truck 735 was Lieutenant Triplett, Master Firefighter Hardy and Firefighter Ocker.

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Harry said...

I am the owner of Zeryk, the happily rescued dog. I have two wonderful Brittanys--Zeryk and Paska. As field dogs, they need to run. I usually go to Black Hill Regional Park where there is a nice dog exercise area. Last Tuesday, when I went there, I found that there were work crews cleaning the park and it was closed. I had been to another area nearby before and found it to be safe and a good place foir the pups to run at full speed. Other dog owners are often there. I did not see any real safety issues in the past, so we went in. Both dogs ran and were having a great time when Zeryk's curiosity got him into trouble. He ventured up a large drain pipe and at the end of it turned around to return but took a wrong turn into a smaller drain pipe and encountered a blockage. He couldn't turn around. I called to him and could hear him in the smaller drain. Some dog-owner friends went to nearby hardware stores and we tried to push PVC pipe into the drain to get him to back out. I called Animal Control. When they arrived, they called the Rescue Squad. After gallant efforts to get Zeryk out, they called the Collapse Unit. After six hours stuck in the drain, they decided to try to dig Zeryl out. A nice man, whose name I do not know, lived nearby and went to get a back hoe. The pipe was five feet down. Needless to say, I was panicked for Zeryk. The rescue team was able to cut through the pipe. Zeryk was frightened at the time because of all the noise, lights, and people around, It took some coaxing from me and the team to get him to stick his head out far enough to grab his collar. They carefuly removed him and he ran to me and I hugged him while crying. I thanked everyone who had saved my little (65 pound) friend. His good buddy, Paska, who was in my car the whole time, was also much relieved to get his friend, Zeryk, back. I cannot thank the emergecy workers enough for saving Zeryk--and also the good Samaritan with a back hoe. When I thanked him, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Merry Christmas!" There was also a wonderful policewoman on the scene from the Canine Unit who made sure I was okay during this awful ordeal. And my dog loving friends stayed with me and Zeryk through it all. They are true friends. My veterinarian examined Zeryk and pronounced that he had no injuries. Zeryk slept very soundly that night. I am a 69-year old widower and these two pups are like children to me. Thank you, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue !!!!