Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday Home Fires Highlight Danger of Combustible Materials Too Close to Lamps/Lights

A couple of fire calls this past Friday caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you. The cause of the fires may actually surprise many of you. It certainly highlights the fact that many of the fires MCFRS Fire Fighter’s respond to are PREVENTABLE incidents.

In one instance the fire originated in closet by the front door due to combustibles too close to light fixture.

The next fire was due to bedding materials on a lamp.

Hopefully all of you caught on to the fact that the light bulbs in the lamp and light fixture were the “spark” that started each fire. They were allowed to be the “spark” because materials that can burn were placed close enough to each device that the materials heated up to the point where they caught fire.

None of the people who lived in these homes meant for this to happen. No doubt many of you reading this right now are saying to yourselves, “Wow! I did not realize a fire could start this way!”

But it can and it did! My hope is that many of you will read this and perhaps pay a little more attention to where you may be tossing your clothes, towels, bed sheets/blankets, jackets, etc. This is the time of year where we also see many folks using space heaters to dry out or heat up wet clothes – which can result in the same set of circumstances that occurred Friday.

So, please, understand that your lamps and light fixtures are a potential source of heat that can start a fire if you are placing things that can burn too close to them.

For more safety tips, please go to our Safety In Our Neighborhood site.

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