Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whole Foods & Fire Station 6 A-Shift Partner on 28 Day Health Challenge

By: Bill Delaney

Jill Ward provides books and background
to 6 A-Shift
Yesterday I tagged along as Career Fire Fighters from Bethesda Fire Station 6, A-Shift, received a briefing and tour at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods. The reason for this meeting was for the fire fighters to get background on a unique challenge they will be undertaking starting in January.

The challenge is based on a Austin, Texas fire fighter’s book, The Engine 2 Diet, that lays out a 28 day plan to lose weight and lower cholesterol. It is part cook book as well and the personnel at Station 6 hope to prepare healthy meals while on duty.

We will be chronicling their experience here on the blog. So look for updates over the course of January and February.

Special thanks to Jill Ward and Whole Foods for partnering in this special health challenge!

Touring the Whole Foods to learn
where the healthy foods are kept

Already studying!

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