Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ladies Night Out Events A Success

On Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30 MCFRS hosted a total of three Ladies Night Out events for women who might be interested in pursuing a career with MCFRS. One session was held Friday night and two on Saturday (morning and afternoon) at our Public Safety Training Academy.

Fire Chief Scott Goldstein was on hand at each of the three sessions to welcome the participants.

A total of 122 enthusiastic women participated in one of the three, 4 hour sessions. The participants were split into groups and rotated among a total of twelve stations that simulated various aspects of the skills needed to perform the duties of firefighter.

The twelve stations were:

1) Stair Mill/Hose Drag
2) Forcible Entry
3) Maze/HazMat
4) Ladder Raise/Extension
5) Equipment Carry/Dummy Drag
6) Swift Water Rescue
7) Paramedicine/Mega Code
8) High-Rise Climb
9) Rappelling
10) Vehicle Extrication
11) Mock PT/Fitness and Nutrition
12) Ceiling Breach and Pull

Each session culminated in a live demonstration of what an actual response to a building fire would look like.

Below, you can find photos and videos from the Saturday morning session that ran from 8 a.m. until Noon.

Ladies Night Out showing various fire and rescue related events for woman interested in a potential fire service career

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