Friday, January 4, 2013

Probationary Firefighters Of The 1st Battalion

By: Battalion Chief Mark Davis
The 1st Battalion has seen its share of Probationary Firefighters over the years - many have gone on to become outstanding officers, Master Firefighters, and paramedics. Presently, there are SEVEN Probationary Firefighters assigned to the ...1st Battalion's A-Shift...and we took a moment the other day to get them all together for a group photo at Station 12.

It has been many years since we have had so many rookies on one shift in the 1st Battalion. When a new recruit firefighter graduates from recruit school - they must serve one year as a Probationary Firefighter (PFF). During that year they are assigned a preceptor who helps guide and mentor them through numerous practical skill and written assignments.

At the end of their probationary year, the PFF's must pass a comprehensive written and practical skill exam. When successful - they are granted "Merit System Status" and full employment.

The 1st Battalion is considered a "premier" probationary assignment because of the level of fire and EMS activity in the battalion and because of the comradarie of the men and women assigned there.

(L to R) Front Row: PFF Jeffrey Broyles (16A), PFP Aaron Branch (1A), PFF Matthew Machala (2A) - all three are graduates of Recruit Class 35. Back Row: PFF Jeffrey Henckel (15A), PFF Robert Travers (24A), PFF Paul Welsh (19A), and PFF Alex Akman (12A) - all four are graduates of Recruit Class 36.

Many thanks to Captain Couse (12A) for organizing and taking the photo.

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