Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MCFRS Significant Fire & EMS Incidents From April 3 through April 10

Battalion 1 Incidents

House Fire 600 Block of Concerto Ln. - 2 story end of the row townhouse.  Smoke was coming from the front door on arrival of fire fighters.  Fire was quickly extinguished. No extension of fire to other townhouses.  No one was injured and the damage was roughly $15K to the structure and $5K to the contents of the home. 

7600 Block Carroll Ave (Washington Adventist Hospital) for a report of smoke on the third floor in the labor and delivery unit.  Fire Units arrived and found electrical short in the light fixture(s) from condensation in the plenum.  No dollar loss or injuries to anyone.  

Battalion 2 Incidents

Hazardous Materials Incident 7900 Block of Wisconsin Ave - Fire Units were dispatched for an unusual odor.  Fire Units arrived and found a leak in the HVAC unit.  Leak mitigated with ventilation and shut off of unit.  No property loss and no injuries. 

Smoke in Station at Friendship Heights Metro at chain marker 309+00.  Fire Units reported to the kiosk and found METRO searching for a short at the north end of the station.  No immediate hazard and fire units stood by until the issue was isolated.  There was no dollar loss or injuries reported.   

7200 Block of Wisconsin Ave.  Fire Units were dispatched for a hazardous materials spill.  Fire Fighters found an approximately 70 gallon spill of anti-freeze in the main part of movie theater.  The spill was contained and remanded to the property owner for clean up.  Department of Environmental Protection and Health Department notified.   No dollar loss or injuries.
Battalion 3 Incidents

50 Block of Mannakee Street – Fire Units dispatched for a reported Chemical Spill in room #15.   Fire Fighter found a small acid spill with one student transported to a local hospital with drops on their leg.

Battalion 4 Incidents

3600 Block Bel Pre Rd – Fire Units dispatched for reported smoke in an apartment.  Fire Fighters found a fire had occurred on a stovetop by was extinguished by occupant prior to fire department arrival.  There was roughly $1,000 damage to the structure and $50 to contents of the apartment.  There were no injuries. 

12800 Block of MATEY RD. for a report of a house fire.  Fire Units arrived on the scene  with a small fire on the deck to the rear of the house.  Fire Fighters extinguished the fire and prevented fire spread into the house.

Kitchen Fire in the Townhouse in the 3000 Block of Castle Garden Way – Fire unites dispatched for a reported kitchen fire w/ one person burned.  Fire Fighters arrived on-scene with the fire out in the kitchen and found an adult female w/ 15% burns to legs.  Patient was transported by Medic Unit to a local burn center. 

Battalion 5 Incidents

Shady Grove Metro 15900 Block of Somerville Rd. – Fire Units dispatched for a report of an escalator on fire.  Fire Fighters found an overheated escalator motor with no fire.  There were no injuries. 

Laundry Room Fire in the 17000 Block of King James Way – Fire Units dispatched for a report of smoke coming from the laundry room.  Fire Fighters arrived on the scene with smoke coming from Apartment 102.  Fire personnel quickly extinguished a small fire that was found in the apartment.  Fire Investigators were on the scene and determined the fire was accidental. There was $1K damage to the structure and $1K damage to contents of the apartment.  No injuries were reported.   
House Fire in the 16400 Block of Alden Ave – Fire Units were dispatched for a reported house fire.  Fire Fighters arrived on scene and found a small fire in the kitchen which they quickly put out with little damage.  No report of dollar loss.   

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