Thursday, January 21, 2016

Carbon Monoxide Incident Involving Portable Generator

At approximately 6 pm last night, January 20, Paramedic Engine 732 and Medic 731 were dispatched to a townhouse on Earth Star Court in Gaithersburg for a report of an unconscious person. Upon entering the home, fire and rescue personnel were met by the patient's roommate who indicated he was unconscious upstairs.

Crews opened the bedroom door and found the unconscious patient.  Almost immediately the passive Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor on Medic 731's EMS bag alarmed. Crews found CO readings that were over 900ppm. The patient was immediately removed, care initiated, and he was then transported to a local hospital.

The high level of CO was a result of the patient using a portable generator in the house.
MCFRS would like to remind all residents, especially in light of potential power outages this weekend, that any portable generators need to be place outside the home and away from any doors or windows. This includes not placing generators inside of garages. 

A typical MCFRS Aid Bag with CO Alarm

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