Thursday, January 28, 2016

Find the Pedestrian! Where?

Exactly! It's almost rush hour and it's going to especially challenging for pedestrians. Snow piles can make navigating streets and intersections dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Many pedestrians may be difficult to see and crosswalks challenging to navigate. Drivers should take extra care when turning corners with snow piles that may limit visibility.  

Be especially careful around bus stops and transit centers where there is increased pedestrian traffic. 

Post blizzard conditions can mean increased risk for pedestrians. Hats, hoods, earmuffs and scarves can interfere with the ability to see and hear traffic. Make sure your peripheral vision is clear and pay attention and don't be distracted by cell phones. 

Pedestrians should wear brightly colored clothing so drivers can see you, especially in times of poor visibility, and use reflective clothing or stickers for maximum visibility.

While many sidewalks are still not cleared, we remind all pedestrians to do their best to stay off plowed roadways.

We made it this far --- let's all work together and make sure everyone gets where they are going safely! 

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